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Crush Your Life

Everyone wants to know the secrets to living a full life and their fullest potential. James Quigley, a personal development and success coach, believes that true success in life is created with the right mindset, daily habits, and action with intention. In this podcast, James discusses how mindset and mindfulness can help us live our dream lives and crush our scariest goals.

Mar 27, 2019

David and I met a few years ago in New York City. It just so happened to be New Years Eve and he was visiting from the UK with a good friend of mine. I had just returned home from living in Kuwait and this would be the first time in a few years that I would be celebrating NYE back in the states.


David and I hit it off...

Mar 1, 2019

I’m solo today. Just you and I having a chat.

In this episode, I discuss how quickly things in your life can turn from great to worse.

We’re doing all the right things, life seems amazing and in the flip of a switch everything seems turned upside down.

We tend to put our problems on massive pedestals and think...

Feb 14, 2019

When I sat down and put a list together for people I wanted on the show, Tina’s name just kept getting higher up the ladder.

Tina has a powerful story that will bring you on an emotional ride leaving you feeling empowered and inspired to become the best version of yourself.

Tina after years of lower leg issues was...

Jan 31, 2019

This podcast has been about four to five years in the making and I can tell you right now I'm so excited to actually record episode 1 and dive into the podcast space because there's so much I want to share and a lot of things I want to talk about. And one of the things that I really want to talk about is how can we...